05.09.2013 Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier and Bavarian State Minister Markus Söder as guests of EnCN

Even in the midst of the federal election distinguished political visitors could be welcomed to the Energy Campus Nuremberg (EnCN) by Prof. Wolfgang Arlt, spokesperson for the scientific management of EnCN and head of the subproject “System Analysis” of the “Bavarian Hydrogen Center” (BHC). Both the Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier and Bavaria’s Minister of Finance Markus Söder were informed on-site of the many energy research activities of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

Prof. Arlt and Prof. Karl, head of the BHC subproject “Hydrogen Generation”, highlighted in a series of presentations how intensive research and development efforts are key to the success of a change in energy policy.


During the subsequent tour, the guests acquainted themselves with the status of the “Bavarian Hydrogen Center” and also on the current research efforts focused on hydrogen as an energy resource. Part of the exhibition included a LOHC-storage facility which could aid safe storage of excess renewable energy, for example from wind or photovoltaic systems, over long periods of time.

Photo: Irma Schmidt