15.09.2014 | 2 Members of the Bavarian State Parliament visit BHC and EnCN

The CSU Members of the Bavarian State Parliament Dr. Martin Huber and Mr. Sandro Kirchner visited the Bavarian Hydrogen Center (BHC) in Erlangen and “Energie Campus Nürnberg” (EnCN) in Nuremberg in September 2014.

At the invitation of Prof. Wolfgang Arlt, BHC professor and scientific spokesperson of the EncN, the deputies were updated on the research activities at the energy research institutes funded by the Free State of Bavaria. Within the framework of the BHC developed technology for storing hydrogen in liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC), newly designed lab-rigs for the loading (hydrogenation) and unloading (dehydrogenation) of molecules with hydrogen could be seen “live” in Erlangen. The BHC-spin-off company, Hydrogenious GmbH, was also introduced to the deputies.

Herr Sandro Kirchner (CSU), Prof. Wolfgang Arlt, Dr. Martin Huber (CSU), Dr. Nico Alt und Dr. Andreas Bösmann - Besichtigung der BHC-Freisetzungsanlage Entladung von Wasserstoff in Erlangen.

Mr. Kirchner (CSU), Prof. Arlt, Dr. Huber (CSU), Dr. Alt and Dr. Bösmann – Demonstration of the BHC-hydrogen unloading (dehydrogenation) lab-rig in Erlangen.

An introduction to the EnCN was given afterwards in Nuremberg and the deputies were informed about the following aspects of energy technology: hydrogen produced from biomass, energy conservation in buildings, Acceptance (the acceptance of new technologies) and the solar factory of the future. The visit concluded with a tour of the experimental lab-rigs the solar factory.