18.04.2013 Energy Technology Congress in Nuremberg

On 18.04.2013 the “Innovative Energy – Research and Innovation for the Energy Transition” conference organized by “Bayerin Innovativ” (Bavaria’s Corporation for Innovation and Knowledge Transfer) took place at the Nuremberger Meistersingerhalle. The significance of the topic could be seen by the impressive number of over 1.000 participants and the presence of two ministers of state Dr. Wolfgang Heubisch and Martin Zeil.Dr. Michael Suess, CEO, Siemens Energy, and Dr. Urban Kreussen, EON SE, both senior company representatives, reported about the importance of energy policy for the economy.

Konferenz Energie InnovativDuring the “Energy Storage Forum” Prof. Wolfgang Arlt, a member of the Bavarian Hydrogen Center (BHC), reported progress in the area of energy storage.  His presentation entitled “Liquid hydrogen carriers – Vision of a CO2-free energy cycle” included insights into the development of a “Demonstration system” based on the technology of liquid hydrogen carrier materials as part of the BHC.

Further information and a press report can be found at the following link:
Energietechnologie 2013

Picture credits: Bayern Innovativ/Thomas Geiger