15.-19.06.2015 | BHC at ACHEMA 2015


World Forum and Leading Show for the Process Industries

The BHC will present their research activities at ACHEMA 2015 as part of a joint stand together with Engineering of Advanced Materials (EAM) and Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering from the FAU. You can visit us at this 31st international trade fair in process industry from 15th-19th June 2015.

location Hall 9.2, Stand E65, Messe Frankfurt:   ACHEMA 2015 Webpage

15.09.2014 | 2 Members of the Bavarian State Parliament visit BHC and EnCN

The CSU Members of the Bavarian State Parliament Dr. Martin Huber and Mr. Sandro Kirchner visited the Bavarian Hydrogen Center (BHC) in Erlangen and “Energie Campus Nürnberg” (EnCN) in Nuremberg in September 2014.

At the invitation of Prof. Wolfgang Arlt, BHC professor and scientific spokesperson of the EncN, the deputies were updated on the research activities at the energy research institutes funded by the Free State of Bavaria. Within the framework of the BHC developed technology for storing hydrogen in liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC), newly designed lab-rigs for the loading (hydrogenation) and unloading (dehydrogenation) of molecules with hydrogen could be seen “live” in Erlangen. The BHC-spin-off company, Hydrogenious GmbH, was also introduced to the deputies.

Herr Sandro Kirchner (CSU), Prof. Wolfgang Arlt, Dr. Martin Huber (CSU), Dr. Nico Alt und Dr. Andreas Bösmann - Besichtigung der BHC-Freisetzungsanlage Entladung von Wasserstoff in Erlangen.

Mr. Kirchner (CSU), Prof. Arlt, Dr. Huber (CSU), Dr. Alt and Dr. Bösmann – Demonstration of the BHC-hydrogen unloading (dehydrogenation) lab-rig in Erlangen.

An introduction to the EnCN was given afterwards in Nuremberg and the deputies were informed about the following aspects of energy technology: hydrogen produced from biomass, energy conservation in buildings, Acceptance (the acceptance of new technologies) and the solar factory of the future. The visit concluded with a tour of the experimental lab-rigs the solar factory.

15.-16.07.2014 Bavarian Hydrogen Center Symposium in Kloster Plankstetten

The “Bavarian Hydrogen Center” met in July 2014 at the Benedictine Abbey Plankstetten at Berching for its third internal Symposium. The theme “H2 technologies as part of the future energy supply” was discussed by the BHC members (about 60 energy researchers) during the 2-day event. The BHC was delighted to welcome international and renowned guest speakers in the field of energy research to the symposium and appreciated their new research perspectives. Prof. Nader Mahinpey from the University of Calgary in Canada delivered the opening lecture of the symposium entitled “Shale gas vs. Renewable Hydrogen – the Northern American perspective”. Further external guest lecturers included Prof. Ludger Blum, Institute of Energy and Climate Research, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, and Prof. Jörg Sauer of the Institute of Catalysis Research and Technology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

The highlight of the event for many members was the lecture from Brother Andreas, cellarer of the monastery, with its insights into the “energy efficiency of the monastery” and the renovation of the monastery, followed by a monastery tour!

Mitglieder des BHC im Kloster Plankstetten (Juli 2014). Bild: Dr. Detlef Freitag

BHC members at “Kloster Plankstetten” (July 2014). Photo: Dr.-Ing. Detlef Freitag

Symposium 2014

20th World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2014

20th World Hydrogen Energy Conference – 15th-20th June 2014 South Korea

Prof. Wolfgang Arlt as Keynote Speaker at the 20th World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2014

Prof. Wolfgang Arlt as Keynote Speaker at the 20th WHEC 2014

Prof. Wolfgang Arlt as Keynote Speaker gave a lecture entitled “A Future Energy Supply Based on Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC)”

22.05.2014 | Bavarian Founder Prize for Spin-off of the “Bavarian Hydrogen Center”

From Daniel Teichmann, CEO, Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH

Great success for the BHC-spin-off company: Hydrogenious Technologies was awarded the Bavarian Founder Prize in the “concept” category on May 25th 2014 at a festive gala at the Nuremberg Convention Center.

The Bavarian Founder Prize is the most important award for outstanding entrepreneurs in Bavaria. It is awarded for exemplary achievements in the development of innovative and viable business ideas and the establishment and expansion of new businesses. The aim is to encourage a positive entrepreneurial climate in Bavaria and to encourage self-employment. The Bavarian Founder Prize is an initiative of the Sparkasse, stern, ZDF and Porsche and since 1997 is awarded in six categories of Bavarian entrepreneurs and initiatives.

Hydrogenious Technologies develops commercial systems for storing regenerative energy in liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC). This significant technology was developed at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität and Bavarian Hydrogen Center. The BHC-project leaders, Prof. Arlt, Prof. Schlücker, Prof. Wasserscheid, and former BHC-member Daniel Teichmann, along with the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg are stakeholders at Hydrogenious Technologies.

Preisverleihung im Nürnberg Convention Center. Von links nach rechts: Paulus-Rohmer (Sparkasse Erlangen), Prof. Schlücker, Prof. Wasserscheid, Prof. Arlt, Teichmann (alle Hydrogenious Technologies, BHC), Dr. Baierl (LfA Förderbank). Bildnachweis: UnternehmerKonferenz.de

Award ceremony at the Nuremberg Convention Center. From L to R:
Paulus-Rohmer (Sparkasse Erlangen), Prof. Schlücker, Prof. Wasserscheid, Prof. Arlt, Teichmann (all Hydrogenious Technologies, BHC), Dr. Baierl (LfA Förderbank).
Photo source: UnternehmerKonferenz.de

05.09.2013 Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier and Bavarian State Minister Markus Söder as guests of EnCN

Even in the midst of the federal election distinguished political visitors could be welcomed to the Energy Campus Nuremberg (EnCN) by Prof. Wolfgang Arlt, spokesperson for the scientific management of EnCN and head of the subproject “System Analysis” of the “Bavarian Hydrogen Center” (BHC). Both the Federal Environment Minister Peter Altmaier and Bavaria’s Minister of Finance Markus Söder were informed on-site of the many energy research activities of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region.

Prof. Arlt and Prof. Karl, head of the BHC subproject “Hydrogen Generation”, highlighted in a series of presentations how intensive research and development efforts are key to the success of a change in energy policy.


During the subsequent tour, the guests acquainted themselves with the status of the “Bavarian Hydrogen Center” and also on the current research efforts focused on hydrogen as an energy resource. Part of the exhibition included a LOHC-storage facility which could aid safe storage of excess renewable energy, for example from wind or photovoltaic systems, over long periods of time.

Photo: Irma Schmidt

22.-23.07.2013 Bavarian Hydrogen Center Symposium at Kloster Banz

The “Bavarian Hydrogen Center” held its second internal symposium at Kloster Banz in Bad Staffelstein in glorious July weather. Around 60 energy researchers spent two days discussing the latest results and progress of the projects funded by the BHC. Particular focus was put on the mutual coordination of projects and identifying potential links between them. During a so-called “Theme Café” cross-project session several fundamental issues concerning a change in energy policy were debated.Schlücker Banz

The lecture by Prof. Robert Schlögl, Director of the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion in Mülheim, on “Status and prospects of chemical energy storage”, was one of the highlights of the event.

Photo: Prof. Schlücker, Spokesperson of the Bavarian Hydrogen Center, welcoming the scientists to Kloster Banz (Copyright: Andreas Bösmann, CC BY-SA 3.0 DE)

13.09.2013 Bavarian Hydrogen Center in the Nuremberg News

The “Nürnberger Nachrichten” (Nuremberg News) reported on the “Bavarian Hydrogen Center” in their edition dated 13.09.2013. The article is part of a series in which the diverse energy research projects within the metropolitan region of Nuremberg are presented in detail

The full article (in German only) can be accessed here (Nürnberger Nachrichten).

(Deutsch) 08.07.2013 | Staatsministerin Ilse Aigner zu Gast am BHC

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Im Juli 2013 besuchte die Bayerische Staatsministerin Frau Ilse Aigner (Ministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz) das Bavarian Hydrogen Center in Erlangen. Auf Einladung der BHC-Leiter Prof. Wolfgang Arlt, Prof. Eberhard Schlücker, Prof. Peter Wasserscheid und in Beisein von Uni-Vizepräsident Prof. Joachim Hornegger und der Erlanger Bürgermeisterin Birgitt Aßmus, informierte sich Frau Aigner über die Forschungsaktivitäten des vom Freistaat Bayern geförderten Energieforschungsinstituts.

Besondere Aufmerksamkeit galt dabei der im Rahmen des BHC entwickelten Technologie zur Speicherung von Wasserstoff in Flüssigen Trägermaterialien (LOHC), u.a. für Anlagen in der Landwirtschaft, die ab 2020 aus der EEG-Förderung fallen. Frau Aigner konnte erste Systeme für die Beladung und Entladung mit Wasserstoff in Augenschein nehmen.


Das Bild zeigt v.l.n.r. Hornegger, Arlt, Aigner, Aßmus, Wasserscheid.