24th March 2015 | BHC External Advisory Board Meeting

The second External Advisory Board meeting of the Bavarian Hydrogen Center took place at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg on the 24th of March 2015. The BHC-Steering Committee discussed the progress and future plans of the BHC together with the five external members from industry and the Head of the Economic Section of the City of Nuremberg. The event with the moto “BHC-Hardware” kicked-off at the Institute of Energy Process Engineering (Prof. Karl) in Nuremberg and was followed by a demonstration at the Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics (Prof. Wensing) also in Nuremberg. The board then travelled to Erlangen and various test-rigs and results were presented. These included the Pressure Swing Adsorption set-up for the purification of gas mixtures from Prof. Kaspereit and the Demonstrator components including both the dehydrogenation and hydrogenation reactors from Prof. Wasserscheid, Prof. Arlt and Prof. Schlücker. The board commended the BHC on its progress and it was agreed that written comments on the Board’s opinions and advice shall be prepared and submitted to the ministry.

Photo Beirat 2015

From L to R: Peter Schmidt (Wirtschaftsreferent Stadt Nürnberg), Matthias Klietz (BMW Forschung und Technik), Roland Kaeppner (McPhy Energy Deutschland GmbH), Dr. Robert Adler (Linde Gas GmbH), Prof. Arlt, Kerstin Gemmer-Berkbilek (AREVA GmbH), Prof. Karl, Prof. Kaspereit, Prof. Wensing.

Beirat 2015_2

From L to R: High-pressure chamber at LTT for injector testing for H2 motor, System Analysis Team, Dehydrogenation Test-rig at CRT