Hydrogen utilization

Hydrogen Utilization

ENG_quadrate-web-einzeln_03The focus of this subproject is on the efficient use of hydrogen derived from renewable sources for the production of electrical energy. This will involve research and development of energy-efficient hydrogen fueled micro gas turbines and combustion engines, which should be employed in buildings or in cogeneration plants.

Significant quantities of energy can be converted rapidly with combustion. In this way thermal machines such as gas turbines and engines can achieve very high power densities and thereby low investment and operating costs. In today’s excessively high fossil-based energy economy more than 85% of the world’s energy is converted through combustion processes. Therefore in a hydrogen economy it can be expected that a considerable or major amount of the energy supply will be obtained via combustion processes. Power density machines are required for both the centralized and decentralized conversion of hydrogen, syngas, and mixtures of these gases with bio- and natural gas.

Therefore the development of hydrogen-powered combustion engines and microturbines will be addressed within the framework of the Bavarian Hydrogen Centre at the FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and the TU München.

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