Demonstration system

The development, construction and operation of a novel energy storage facility (Demonstrator) is a central project of the Bavarian Hydrogen Center. The system is essentially based on the Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier (LOHC) technology developed at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

In this system hydrogen is generated via electrolysis by means of surplus renewable energy (for example, from a photovoltaic system) and stored chemically (Hydrogenation: hydrogen loading) in a liquid compound. These compounds can be stored in a conventional fuel tank at ambient conditions. When required the hydrogen can be released (Dehydrogenation: hydrogen unloading) and converted into electricity using a fuel cell. This concept will also allow the safe and efficient storage of renewable energy over a longer period of time.

Schema-Energiespeicherung über chemische Wasserstoff-Speicherung (Graphik K. Müller)

Energy storage scheme using LOHC technology (Scheme Dr.-Ing. K. Müller)

A storage facility will be built and installed in Erlangen as a demonstrator during the course of this project. The scope of the system is based on the storage of regenerative energy from a detached house (photovoltaic system) and the year-round supply of electricity. Besides supplying the house with electricity, the heat generated can be used to heat the house.

The LOHC Demonstrator consisting of a loading and unloading system is currently under development.

Illustration eines LOHC-Speichers für ein Einfamilienhaus (Graphik K. Stark)

Illustration of a LOHC-Storage System for a detached house (Illustration K. Stark)

Photo of the Demonstrator project team members (Photo Dr.-Ing. D. Freitag)

Research areas of the Demonstrator team members from left to right:

Michael Müller (Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering):
Development of the hydrogenation porotype reactor

Vito Millela (Institute of Process Machinery and Systems Engineering):
Monitoring and automatic control engineering

Patrick Inhetveen (Institute of Process Machinery and Systems Engineering)
LOHC-hydrogenation system

Dr.-Ing. Nicolas Alt (Institute of Process Machinery and Systems Engineering):
High pressure pump and process engineering group leader

Richard Brehmer (Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering):
Commissioning and reaction engineering characterization of LOHC-dehydrogenation reactor system (power class 10 kW thermal)

Dr.-Ing. Karsten Müller (Institute of Separation Science & Technology):
Energy group leader

Andre Fikrt (Institute of Separation Science & Technology):
Design and construction of heat exchangers and separation systems based on optimized storage efficiency simulations

Not in photo:
Dr. Andreas Bösmann (Institute of Chemical Reaction Engineering):
Hydrogen and energy group leader